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Skin & Nail Conditions

Solefix Services

We offer a Comprehensive General Podiatry Service;


A full scope of general podiatry services are offered at Claremont / Solefix Podiatry. The team have many years of experience dealing with a range of common skin and nail complaints.


We often deal with problems such as;


Corns & Callus Removal 


Often due to abnormally high pressure in certain areas, we can safely and painlessly remove these issue with lesion debridement. We also aim to look at the causes resulting in these types of lesions and addressing them to offer a permanent solution to these annoying complaints. Generally, the root cause of these complaints is due to abnormally high-pressure in certain areas of the foot, by reducing stress and offloading regions with certain devices and appliances we can significantly reduce the burden of these complaints.


Routine Nail Care


We offer a professional and efficient nail reduction service to patient’s who have difficulty maintaining there general foot care needs.


Ingrown Toenails


Ingrowing nails can be a major cause of pain and distress for people. Podiatrists are the best placed professional to effectively resolve your symptoms. Usually, one consultation is needed to address an ingrowing nail. We also offer minor nail surgery procedures to permanently resolve longstanding nail issues.


Diabetic Foot Assessments


We offer a comprehensive diabetic foot assessment to our patients which is an important aspect to the management of your diabetes. We also offer routine check-ups and treatment to assist diabetic patients with any minor or major foot issues they are having. Vascular, dermatological and neurological assessments will be undertaken during annual assessments and a full report will be written back to your GP. We aim to classify your risk status for developing foot complaints and provide extensive education and advice regarding managing your feet with diabetes.




It’s easy to underestimate the role our feet play in our health and daily lives but when people start to realise just how much we use them, it’s a bit of a shock! They are the first interaction our body has with the ground, the pivot point to which the body moves. It is estimated they will carry us over 130,000 Kilometres over our lifetime. It’s not hard to see why they are one of the most important parts of the body.



To make an appointment or if you have any further questions please call our friendly receptionist on (03) 6249 1155 

53 Main Road, Claremont, Tasmania

Solefix Podiatry incorporating Claremont Podiatry