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Ingrown Nails are common, unpleasant problems that we often see and treat effectively in our podiatry practice. They usually affect the big toenail but can also be seen in any of the nails. An imbalance between the size of the nail and the skin causes the nail to in grow.
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Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown Toenail



Ingrown toenails are common, unpleasant problems that we often see in our podiatry practice. They usually affect the big toenail but can also be seen in any of the nails. An imbalance between the size of the nail and the skin causes the nail to in grow. The edge of the nail in grows into the skin, once the edge of the nail breaks through the skin, it creates inflammation, discomfort and pain. It can create a small wound which is susceptible to infection. Usually they present as minor discomfort that can get progressively worse and infected if left untreated.


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There are various causes for ingrown toenails;

  • Trauma to the foot or nail; acute or repetitive trauma
  • Disfigured, damaged or distorted nails (involuted, thick, etc)
  • Inappropriate nail cutting methods
  • Sports & Activity such as football, soccer and netball
  • Certain Footwear; improper shoe gear


Athletes, young kids and the elderly commonly suffer from ingrown toenails.


Podiatrists are best placed to offer a full scope of ingrown toenail treatment


Call our friendly receptionist on (03) 6249 1155 to make an appointment or answer any further questions you may have. 
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Our Treatment methods for an ingrown toenail involve;

A full assessment of your presenting problem and discussion of treatment options will take place at your initial appointment.

  • Removal of the offending nail edge with clippers. This is completed with minimal pain for the patient usually without an injection.
  • Proper nail cutting technique education.
  • Assessment of any infection and indication for antibiotics. Usually, when the ingrown toenail is removed pain, swelling and infection rapidly reduce.
  • A discussion of whether a permanent solution through ingrown toenail surgery for reoccurring or severe ingrown toenails is appropriate.



Ingrown Toenail Surgery Procedure

A Permanent Solution to an ingrown toenail if severe or continue to re-occur or 


Our Podiatrists have numerous years of experience performing ingrown toenail surgery procedures.



Ingrown toenail surgery is a common procedure carried out by a Podiatrist to remove a part or all of an ingrown toenail or problematic nail. The procedure in medical terms is called partial or total nail avulsion. Problem nails include infected, ingrown toenails, thick, distorted or damaged nails that are generally causing pain and have not responded to conservative treatment.



Procedure Outline 

  • An initial appointment is first scheduled to assess your problem, medical history assessment and indication for the procedure to take place. It is usual for you to be assessed first, and an appointment made for ingrown toenail surgery at a later date. During the assessment, the podiatrist will answer any questions you may have and explain the procedure fully.


  • Our friendly reception team will book you in an hour-long consultation for the surgery at a time that best suits you.


  • During the procedure, there will be some discomfort when injecting the anaesthetic into the toe. Once the toe has been anaesthetised, you will be able to move the toe but not feel any pain.


  • The procedure will be completed over the hour. A chemical called phenol is usually used to stop the ingrown toenail in the area again. Our team complete ingrown toenail surgery procedures regularly and have a special interest in performing them at our clinic.


  • Your toe will generally be bandaged for 3 days post-procedure which will make it difficult to work and wear shoes (open toe shoes such as thongs are recommended for the following 3 days), a discussion with your podiatrist about what you can do post-procedure is important.



Don’t underestimate the value of professional advice that is tailored to you in order to understand your presenting complaint and provide a high-quality solution to your problem. 



Call our friendly receptionist on 6249 11 55 to make an appointment or answer any further questions you may have. 

53 Main Road, Claremont, Tasmania

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