Solefix | Movement & Gait Analysis
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Movement & Gait Analysis

Biomechanics is the study of how your body moves. 


The human foot can cope from everything from walking to running  to jumping and dancing when left to its own devices but what happens when things go wrong.


Everyone is different, the human body moves in a truly unique sequence of events. Gait analysis is a way in which we can study and quantify movements during such events as walking or running.


Performing gait analysis and functional movement assessments on individuals allows us to understand your patterns of movements and overall function.


Finding the root causes of your pain by looking at how you are engineered….


Faulty structural and/or functional biomechanics often a component in musculo-skeletal pain in the foot, ankle, heel and lower leg.


Assessing how and when each joint is moving, how muscles are functioning and how these movements are controlled gives us insight into to whether these are playing a role in the pain or injuries you are experiencing.


What does a typical gait/movement assessment include?


  • Analysis of walking (gait) pattern
  • Biomechanical Assessment (Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip structural and functional analysis)
  • In-depth Foot & Ankle analysis
  • Functional exercises to assess quality and control of various movement patterns
  • Analysis of running (gait) pattern if necessary
  • Evidenced-based interpretation of findings and potential links to injury, written report if necessary
  • Comprehensive treatment plan formulated with findings


We use motion analysis to assist us in diagnosing injury related to walking, running and sports. We also use this routinely on runners and athletes to help provide solutions to maximise their performance.

This assessment is routinely performed in consultations when necessary by our podiatrists who have extended scope of skills in this area.