Solefix | Orthotics Hobart Therapy at Solefix Podiatry, Claremont
We provide our patients with high-quality orthotics using the latest 3D scanning technology and 3D printing technology to provide highly accurate, comfortable and effective orthotics for a range of conditions. We strive for the highest quality care and satisfaction for our patients.
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Orthotics Hobart

Solefix / Claremont Podiatry offers a comprehensive orthotics Hobart service incorporating high-quality assessment and prescription of foot orthotics with the use of advanced 3D printing and 3D Foot Scanning technology. 


What are Orthotics?


Foot Orthotics are in shoe-medical devices that are used in the treatment of numerous foot, ankle, knee and lower limb complaints as well as optimising foot function and biomechanics of the body. They achieve this by supporting, aligning or correcting the foot’s posture or deformity. They produce their action is by altering stresses and forces that are transmitted to your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.


We prescribe, design and manufacture orthotics to reduce pain, solve injuries and improve foot function which will improve the biomechanical action of the feet keeping you pain-free and active as well as preventing injury.



They may assist with; 


  • Foot, Ankle & lower leg injury and pain
  • Biomechanical & movement problems
  • Problematic Flat & High arch foot types
  • Diabetic wound treatment and prevention
  • Runners & Athletes; Injury prevention, performance enhancement
  • Post surgical recovery or ongoing symptoms
  • Arthritis in the feet
  • Heel Spurs, Heel Pain and Plantar fasciitis treatment
  • Knee, Back, Hip pain depending on nature of problem.


Our Orthotic Process


Step 1) Assess – Biomechanics (Initial Appointment)


When prescribing orthotics it is important that a full assessment has been completed. Our podiatrists aim to accurately assess your foot function and accurately identify the nature of your problems.




Orthotic assessment is important so we can assess your movement with functional tasks, walking and running which lets us understand what may have contributed to an injury/dysfunction, and we then can design a tailored treatment plan aimed at addressing the identified causes which may include orthotic therapy.


If your podiatrist suggests an orthotic prescription they will give a sound explanation and reasoning why this treatment may be used.



Step 2) Capture (3D Foot Scan Taken at Initial or Follow Up)


A 3D scan will be taken in order to create a 3D image of your foot shape and structure, with a scanning speed of 2.9 seconds and accurate to less than 1mm. Once a full 3D non-weight bearing scan is taken, reference measurements will be identified with architecture based software.




Step 3) Prescribe & Design


We spend time understanding your function, pain, activity and footwear to offer you a completely tailored solution so that a detailed prescription can be produced.


We utilise advanced CAD design software to be able to design orthotics in the clinic which means we can prescribe very accurate and tailored orthotics to patients. We use an external lab for manufacturing utilising 3D printing and milling machinery. This technology aids in providing a highly accurate, comfortable and effective orthotic prescription that patients are highly satisfied with.



Step 4) Fitting Appointment (Follow Up Appointment)


At this appointment, the orthotics are fitted and trialled. A consultation with the podiatrist is essential as this step to ensure the orthotics are achieving what they are supposed to do and to allow for small adjustments to be made. We are focused on making sure the initial wear-in period is successful and it is our aim to make sure treatment is successful. We often hear negative issues with other Podiatrist’s and orthotics so it is our main priority to make sure our patients are 100 % satisfied with the outcome of this treatment option.



Our Orthotic Philosophy


We strive for the highest quality care and satisfaction for our patients. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our orthotic products and we are confident in ensuring you get outstanding outcomes with our therapy, devices and prescriptions.



Our Orthotic Costs 


We have a range of orthotics from off the shelve, semi-customised and full prescription custom orthotics that range from $80 to $350 (excluding appointments)


At the time of writing, we offer the most affordable prescription custom orthotics in Hobart at $350 for a pair.


Privat Health Rebates with podiatry extras may cover up to 50 to 70% of the cost.





Nick Kuncio

Hobart Based Podiatrist










Nick is a Hobart Podiatrist based at Claremont Podiatry. He graduated from La Trobe University, Melbourne in 2013 with a Bachelors of Health Science and a Masters of Podiatric Practice. He has gained clinical experience across Australia and Internationally within sports medicine clinics in London. He specialises in custom orthotic therapy, foot/ankle injury and biomechanics. Nick has advanced experience in utilising 3D foot scanning and CAD aided software design for prescription of various orthotics.  This gives him the ability to provide tailored, highly comfortable and accurate orthotics that patients extremely happy with.



Call our friendly receptionist on 6249 1155 to make an appointment or answer any further questions you may have. 

53 Main Road, Claremont, Tasmania

Solefix Podiatry incorporating Claremont Podiatry





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